Kingyo Sukui

One day I said to myself, “Alas, I should quit doing art altogether.”

I was exhausted from the mental distress and lay down on my bed.And then, by chance, I noticed a small fish tank beside the bed.
In the fish tank was a Wakin Goldfish, which I brought back from a Kingyo Sukui(Goldfish Scooping) stall at a summer festival seven years ago.

Its name was Kim-pin, female.

I didn’t take a good care of her and the water was unclean with the fish droppings.
However, she was thriving in the tank and I hadn’t even noticed that she had grown to a length of 20 cm.

I lifted the lid of the tank and looked at her from above.
At the moment, I felt a thrill shiver up my spine.

In the dirty water, her shiny red back was mysterious and extremely beautiful.

“I’m sure she will save me,” I told myself.

I took out some red paint and painted a picture of her figure.
Fun! Fun! It’s so much fun!

A moment later, there was a large shoal of goldfish in front of me. This was it!

This was the answer that I had been looking for, and I didn’t find it in Euroupe or America, but I found it in my very own room.

I call that day’s event “Kingyo Sukui(Goldfish Salvation)”and I value the memory.