episode 02

Kingyo Theory

Kingyo, oh Kingyo, are we feeding you? Or are we being controlled/manipulated to feed you?
Have you from ancient times, manipulated humans to be part of your grand plot to survive and expand?
We should be the ones with your life in our hands.

Peeking beyond the scales. Beautiful. There lies an explosion of colors.

Kingyo is past, present and eternity.

Kingyo doesn’t know that there is a sea, or a river, or even a water tank.

Kingyo was born 74 years prior to the birth of Shotoku
Taishi (Prince of Japan during the Asuka period).

There is a kingyo in the keyhole-shaped tumulus. There could be kingyo sitting behind that bamboo screen!

Why do humans struggle? Why do kingyo struggle?

If changing the tank water is neglected, 1,500 years of kingyo history will be gone.
If raising children is neglected, 4,000,000 years of homosapien history will be gone.

Every living thing defecate. They always defecate.

The fins waving around look like a flowing skirt, but I am not tempted to peek under them.

In my dream, I caught a huge fish. But what I pulled out was a sarasa-marked skin.

Kingyo lives mostly in tap water.

Ranchu is Pine.

Putting the kingyo in the palm of my hands, it’s very similar to when I am caressing my son’s rosy cheeks.