episode 01

Day to Day

I found myself talking to myself while I paint. A bitter memories and self-doubts crawl into the back of my head and in that moment, I suddenly voice out what i think. I believe that drawing and painting is a way for me to ‘de-tox’ all the negativity I have in my head in order to balance out my mental state.

In order to survive as an artist, there are two contradictions that I have to embrace.
First, seeking a more profound artistry will not enable me to become a top-selling artist. Second, creating only art pieces that the art market is demanding for will not lead me to a more profound artistry. I’m always hesitant to take either side, I prefer going neutral, the mid-way. But recently, I came to a realization that creating what is demanded by the art market could in fact, lead me to profound artistry.

If art critics became artists themselves, they could be considered vanguards. So why don’t they? What a waste.

Acknowledge the fact that we are merely a filtering bacteria on this planet. Eat your plate clean. Our body serves as a filtration system, breaking down all the oils and condiments that cannot be filtered in the sewage system.

When I bought my property, I felt as though I had ownership for only the surface of the land. Do I also have the right to the magma underneath the surface?

People assuming that drawing on canvas with oil paint is art;
People assuming that conceptual art is true art;
People assuming that you can only be an artist if you are acknowledged by critics and curators;
People who fit all three categories above.

You say “Kora!”, but i think the origin for that is “子等!”(Chinese character for many kids). Kids have always done bad things for ages.

18 years ago, I quit smoking because my teacher said to me, “you’re not a man of culture if you smoke.”