Riusuke Fukahori

Yokohama College of Art and Design Visiting Professor Yatomi City Public Relations Ambassador
Resides in Kanagawa prefecture



Born in Aichi, JAPAN. During his childhood, he grew up surrounded by goldfish in Yatomi City.


B.F.A in crafts and media design, Aichi Prefectual University of Fine Arts and Music.


After retirement, starts production activities. During his childhood, he grew up surrounded by goldfish in Yatomi City.


“Goldfish Salvation(Kingyo Sukui)”: Being in a slump, his turning point occurred when he was fascinated for the first time by his pet goldfish he had neglected for 7 years.


Devised a new technique – 2.5 Dimension Painting, by pouring resin into the container and painting on the surface with acrylic paint, giving birth to his iconic art work series, “Kingyo-sake.”


Establishment of Art Studio “Kingyoyougajou” in Yokohama, Kanagawa Precture.


Held first ever solo exhibition in a public art museum (Shonan The Hiratsuka Museum of Art and Kariya City Art Museum). Welcomed over 100,000 visitors during this exhibition.



“Kingyoyoku” Solo Exhibition — Tokyo International Forum Art Shop Exhibition Space (Tokyo, Japan – also in 2010, solo exhibition “Kingyoyoku 2”)
“Nazonazo Bijutsuten” — Hamada Children’s Museum of Art (Shimane, Japan)


Solo Exhibition in Gallery IDF (Nagoya, Japan – also in 2007-2011)


“Riusuke Fukahori” Solo Exhibition — Galerie an der Pinakothek der Moderne (Munich, Germany)


Solo Exhibition in SEIBU-SHIBUYA – Alternative Space (Tokyo, Japan)
“Goldfish Salvation” Solo Exhibition — ICN Gallery (London, UK)


Solo Exhibition in SEIBU-IKEBUKURO – Headquarters Art Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
“Shokuyoku no Aki” Solo Exhibition — The National Art Center Tokyo Museum Shop – SFT Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
“金魚繪思” Solo Exhibition — Harbour City Gallery (Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong)


“Painted Breath” Solo Exhibition — Joshua Liner Gallery (New York, USA)
Collaboration Exhibition with Sunshine Aquarium “Art and Real-Life Goldfish” — Ikebukuro Sunshine Aquarium (Tokyo, Japan)


“Kingyo Sukui” Solo Exhibition — Oita Art Plaza (Oita, Japan)
“Goldfish Salvation 2” Solo Exhibition — ICN gallery (London, UK)
“Natsuyasumi! Ikimonozukan” — Gunma Museum of Art Tatebayashi (Gunma, Japan)


“Goldfish Salvation in NY” Solo Exhibition — Joshua Liner Gallery (NY, USA)
“Houjounarumono” — Toyokawa City Sakuraga-oka Museum (Aichi, Japan)
“Hokkori Bijutsukan” — Yokosuka Museum of Art (Kanagawa, Japan)


“Situation of Existence – Contemporary Realistic Art in East Asia” — Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art (Nantou, Taiwan)
“Harumachi Kingyo” Solo Exhibition — Showa no Machi, Bungotakada City (Oita, Japan)
“Kingyoyougajyou-Underneath the Scales” Solo Exhibition — Shibuya Seibu (Tokyo, Japan)
25th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition “Fushigina Art Trick Trick Ha!tto Trick” — Shonan The Hiratsuka Museum of Art (Kanagawa, Japan)


“年年有魚3D藝術展” Solo Exhibition — East Point City (Hong Kong)
“Kingyo Bishow” — People’s Gallery A, Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Arts (Ishikawa, Japan)


“Riusuke Fukahori – Heisei Shinchuya” Solo Exhibition Tour — Shonan The Hiratsuka Museum of Art (Kanagawa, Japan) and Kariya City Art Museum (Aichi, Japan)
“Goldfish Blossoms” Solo Exhibition — Joshua Liner Gallery (NY, USA)


“CONTEMPORARY JAPANESE CRAFTS 和巧絶佳” Group Exhibition Tour ̶ Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art (Tokyo, Japan) and others.


“金魚鉢’Goldfish Bowl’、地球鉢’Earth Bowl’ ーYOUR WORLD, MY WORLDー”Solo Exhibition Tour –
The Ueno Royal Museum (Tokyo, Japan), Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum (Nagasaki, Japan), Iwate Museum of Art (Iwate, Japan) and others.


“What Is Real?ー Contemporary Artistsー Living and Depicting” Group Exhibition Tour ̶ Shonan The Huikraat sMuseum of Art (Kanagawa Japan), Fukuyama Museum of Art (Hiroshima, Japan), Kurume City Art Museum (Fukuoka, Japan) and others.


  • Wadaiko Collaboration Live Painting — Laforet Harajuku / Tokyo (2005)

  • Live Painting — Nagoya Noritake Forest / Aichi (2005)

  • “Kingyotei” — Collaboration Performance with Roukyoku at Asakusa Mokubatei / Tokyo (2008)

  • Summer Festival Live Painting — Shimane Prefecture Hamada City World Children’s Art Museum / Shimane (2008)

  • Kingyo and Fire Collaboration Live Performance — Hodogaya Park Candle Night / Kanagawa (2010)

  • Live Painting — Tokyo Designers Week 2014 / Tokyo (2014)

  • Live Painting — Intercontinental Hotel / Osaka (2014)

  • Live Painting & “Kingyo Suibokukan” Installation — Showa no Machi, Bungotakada City / Oita (2016)

  • Live Painting & Workshop “Kingyo Suibokukan” — Oiso Prince Hotel / Kanagawa (2017)

  • Live Painting — Theater 21, Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art / Ishikawa (2017)

  • Live Painting — Kingyo Summit in Nagasu / Kumamoto (2018)


  • DSA Summer Seminar — “Kingyo no Soba de Umarete” / Aichi(2013)& Osaka(2014), Japan

  • Lecture & Live Painting — Oita City Museum of Art / Oita, Japan (2014)

  • Lecture & Workshop “Art no Kingyosukui,” “Fuurin Kingyo” — Kanayama Gururi Time Tunnel for Nagoya Children’s Machikado Cultural Project / Aichi, Japan (2014-2016)

  • Lecture & Live Painting — Japan Foundation / London(2014)

  • Artist Talk Show & Workshop “Seashell Art with Gel Candle Wax” — Yokosuka Museum of Art / Kanagawa, Japan (2015)

  • Workshop “Let’s draw a goldfish with your children!” — Aichi Prefectural Children’s General Center / Aichi, Japan (2016)

  • Lecture “Goldfish as Human, Human as Goldfish” — Kobe Design University / Kobe, Japan (2016)

  • Workshop “Let’s draw Goldfish on Gel Candles!” — Hiratsuka Museum of Art / Kanagawa, Japan (2016)

  • Visiting Professor Inauguration Commemorative Lecture — Yokohama College of Art and Design / Kanagawa, Japan (2016)

  • Museum Seminar “Lets draw Goldfish on Gel Wax!” — Ibaraki Museum of Modern Art / Ibaraki, Japan (2016)

  • Lecture “Kingyo is Japanese” — Department of Art and Design, Toyama University / Toyama (2017)


  • Street Gallery Recruitment — Fuji Bank/Mizuho Bank (2000, 2003)

  • Art Competition 2001 Special Award — Kyoto Saga University of Art

  • Norio Imai Award — Turner Acrylic Award 2003

  • Okamoto Taro Contemporary Art Grad Prize Exhibition 2006

  • PERSPECTIVE 40 under 40 2012 ART Category Award / Hong Kong

  • MY MODERN MET 10 cutting-Edge Artist of the 21st Century 2013 / USA


  • The Hiratsuka Museum of Art

  • Kariya City Art Museum

  • Hamada Children’s Museum of Art

  • Nike Headquarters (USA)

  • Japan Foundation

  • Turner Color Co., Ltd.

  • KITH (USA)

  • LEWSTEN Co., Ltd

  • Oita City Museum of Art

  • Bungotakada City Hall

  • Yatomi City Hall

  • Kyoto Saga University of the Arts

  • University of Fukui

  • Nagoya University of Arts

  • Aichi Prefectural University of Arts

  • East Point Centre (Hong Kong)

  • Sky Building Co., Ltd.

  • Intercontinental Hotel Osaka

  • Oiso Prince Hotel


  • Kingyoyoku / Art Print Japan Co., Ltd. (Exhibition Catalog) 2005

  • Kingyoyougajyou / Bungeisha 2011

  • Kingyo no Uta / Kawade Shoboushinsha 2016

  • Heisei Shinchuya/Kyuryudo 2018


  • Movie: Toshiyuki Okabe
  • Profile Photo: Masaru YAGi
  • Translation: Harusa